the power of crystals


This is the smokey quartz necklace I bought from Vega

Yesterday while having lunch with a couple of girlfriends at a chic restaurant in Notting Hill (chic because of the lunch crowd!), I spotted a woman sitting not too far from us wearing a huge crystal pendant on a long chain. It could only be chocked up to fate that this woman was sitting near me, because for the last few months I’d been searching for a wearable crystal that suited my style. Typical me, I couldn’t refrain from interrupting her lunch with her friend not only to compliment the crystal, but to ask where she had gotten it. She told me it was from Vega, a unique, artisanal, crystal jewellery line based in the US. As luck would have it, I’ll be in the States next week so I placed an order as soon as I got home!

After perusing the one of a kind crystal pendants available on the Vega website, I did some research about their meanings and purpose and discovered that thankfully, because I really love the look of it, a smokey quartz crystal was most relevant to my life.

I often find comfort in symbolic, material things. I’ve bought rings to remind me of emotional breakthroughs; I’ve gotten a tattoo to declare my love for my four kids. When one of my kids had minor surgery as a toddler, I took a medallion of a patron saint (I can’t remember which one!) that were sitting in a bowl on the reception desk at the Italian clinic where my son had the procedure; 10 years later, I still carry it in my purse (wallet) . And I always have my Virgin Mary rosary from the holy city of F├ítima, Portugal, in my handbag (purse!). Despite being Jewish, the Virgin Mary is my go-to icon when I’ve needed to ‘wish’ for a good outcome. Hard to explain!

In the end, I have no idea if I’ll draw any ‘powers’ from the smokey quartz crystal I’ll soon don but if I do (I’ve also done research on how to ‘activate’ your crystal!), you can be sure that I’ll not only wear my beautiful necklace all the time, but I’ll start looking for crystals to put around the house!

To find out more about the meaning of various crystals, click here.