My first few happy days with my Apple Watch

38mm, stainless steel with customised, modular watch face

38mm, stainless steel with customised, modular watch face

For anyone who has issues with this watch, all I can say is that you’re technologically jaded! This watch is amazing and so far, I feel incredibly privileged to own one! How can you complain about a piece of technology that fits on your wrist, acts much like a smartphone, and doesn’t sacrifice good looks?! I guess if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s and grew up with cell phones and the Internet, nothing is really that impressive anymore! Anyway, this isn’t a thorough review of the watch, but a glimpse into my experience with it thus far.

The  feature photo shows the modular watch face and I customised it with the date, activity tracker (not steps or total calories burned though), weather (lower left corner and the temperature is in celsius- it’s not 16 fahrenheit!), battery percentage, and alarm.

By tapping any of these features, I can: access my calendar in full, see how active I’ve been (and when I’ve been too sedentary, the watch reminds me to stand!), view the 10 day forecast where I am, know how much battery power is left, and set an alarm. Wow!

My notifications come in the form of haptic notifications (the watch vibrates)- I find it too annoying walking around beeping and I think I would drive everyone around me bonkers, especially anyone I’m sharing a meal or socialising with! I can read emails, texts, WhatsApp messages, see who’s calling (I answer on my phone), use Citymapper for directions, even use Uber. The App Store for the watch is a bit limited right now, especially if you compare it to the millions of apps for your iPhone and iPad, but it will soon fill up and most of your preferred apps will likely be available for your watch.

I tried the 42mm version on in the store, but it was so big on my wrist that it looked like I was wearing one of those Casio watches from the 80’s with the calculator- not a good look for me! I realise the watch looks big on me in the photo, but it’s not at all clunky.


I had also read that it was taking certain reviewers a few days to understand how to navigate their watch, but my experience with acclimating to the watch and its features was a synch. I did though download the free user’s guide through iBooks and had a quick read through it one morning at 5:45 before embarking on what so far is a wonderful journey on the technology train!

You’ll read various reviews from bloggers who claim they’re selling their watch after a week and a long list of why they’re disappointed, but they must have gone into their purchase with wildly unrealistic expectations. They seem eager to criticise Apple- the face scratches easily (yah, if you’re bumping into things with it) or the watch bands are flimsy (sure, if you try to destroy them). These are probably the same people who while stopped at a red light will prejudge the guy next to them in an enviable sports car and immediately think, “What a tool!”, when that person in the Porsche 911 circa 2015 could have been responsible for having saved a family of five from a burning building! Stop being so cynical and embrace the good about the watch!!

I also noticed when I left my handbag downstairs to go upstairs that my watch and phone were still connected. Otherwise, my phone is always in my handbag or somewhere near my person so losing any connection between the two devices isn’t much of a concern.

I will say this though: this watch is better when you can wear short sleeves and view the watch at all times. Since I live in London, spring still means it’s jacket weather and I found that rolling up my coat sleeve to look at incoming notifications was a bit awkward. I also think wearing a sport band on any watch looks better in warm weather and short sleeves, but that’s just me! And as the watch is around longer, there will be tons of strap options!

The other thing is that being tethered to your phone via Bluetooth does take its toll on your phone’s battery, but because you’re checking notifications on your watch, you have the option to forgo checking your phone every couple of minutes. If you don’t have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you’ll want to carry a small, portable battery charger. I do charge my watch everyday, but so far, haven’t depleted the battery completely.

There’s much I don’t know about the watch and I expect there will be a few updates over the next several months, as well as an ever-expanding app market. But for now, I simply marvel at this small thing on my wrist that keeps me as in touch with the world just as my phone does. By the way, you can stay up to the minute with your Twitter feed as well as other social and news media platforms.

So thank you, my wonderful husband, for gifting me the perfect wedding anniversary present and for not rolling your eyes at me when I asked for it!

Update May 6th: I hit a road bump today when all of a sudden my watch face wouldn’t respond to touch, although I still got haptic notifications. I was without my watch for hours and this set off a wave of panic that my watch was a dud! 

Thanks to a quick call to Apple Customer Care, the issue was resolved by depressing the digital crown and on/off button simultaneously until the Apple logo appeared. This performed a soft reset and now my watch is up and running, thankfully!