From a woman’s perspective when it comes to the Apple Watch- is bigger better??

There’s no doubt that some of you will cave in and pre-order an Apple Watch or buy one when it’s out. I couldn’t resist asking for one for our 16th wedding anniversary in May (pre-ordered today on April 16th- expected to ship in July in the UK, but that’s TBD soon) and I was truly on the fence trying to decide which size would suit me best and at the same time, was having a hard time finding images of what the watch looked like on a female wrist.

After much deliberation, and two cancelled orders due to impulsive decision making, I finally approached the choice rationally so I wanted to immediately share my decision-making process in the hopes that the way I came to my conclusion will help you make the right choice if you plan to order the watch sight unseen. What a long sentence!

Ask yourself:

1. How do I plan to wear my watch?

Me: I’ll wear it most during the summer when I tend to change watches and anytime I exercise so a smaller watch face is more desirable for my needs.

2. What size is my current watch?

Me: Mine is 41mm, round, and larger than the average men’s size. I find it very bulky in cool/cold weather when I’m a slave to layers and long sleeves, but otherwise totally comfortable (unless you’re an Italian woman- they prefer oversized watch faces for some reason (!)- you may find that the 42mm Apple Watch case quite large as an everyday watch).

My everyday watch- 41mm

My everyday watch


The 42mm

After going back and forth, and even wondering if it made more sense to purchase the 42mm for the sake of seeing what’s on the screen better, I chose the 38mm Apple Watch with the white sport band and stainless steel case. I’m not crazy about the Apple Sport Watch with its brushed aluminium case and I know there will be all kinds of accessories to personalise the watch- like bumpers for the case- that would undoubtedly render the 42mm watch way too big for me.


My final choice- the 38mm

What truly sealed the deal for my final choice was to consult the Exact Fitness Apps sizing guide and print out the page with the watch of my choice- this is where I should have begun before embarking on the size journey! My poor husband… Once I printed out the page with the watch I wanted, I cut out both the 38mm and 42mm faces with the S/M bands (I found it a bit tricky to figure out the right size since wrapping the band around my wrist caused the watch face to bend as well) and taped each size onto my current watch face.

FYI: I’m just shy of 5’8″, 134 lbs, with normal sized wrists for a woman.

For helpful reviews of the watch, check out: TechRadarCNET,Wall Street Journal

Regarding the watch itself: 5 snap decisions I made during my Apple Watch appointment Which watch? How to pick the Apple Watch that’s right for you- Macworld

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