Ditching an anti-perspirant doesn’t mean you’ll stink


An article from MindBodyGreen inspired me to write about deodorant…Click here to read the article!

I switched to deodorant and ditched an anti-perspirant after a recent staph infection in my arm pit. This was easily the grossest and most startling experience I’ve had because it required three rounds of antibiotics, two aspirations of the cyst, and finally a tiny hole cut into the cyst to drain it completely to rid me of the infection.

To be honest, I blamed it on a new anti-perspirant I tried that promised not to darken your arm pit, but lighten the skin, which I guess is an issue??

Anyway, I personally use and love (and I am a stinker!) PitROK crystal deodorant (it may only be available in the UK). The crystal deodorants are more effective for me than the all-natural ones, for some reason, but not all crystal deodorants are created equally! It’s a bit of trial and error, which can be a bit embarrassing if you’re smell-conscious (!), to find a deodorant that works for you. But you eventually will, even if it means your friends sit farther away from you in the process!

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