Ultralift does seem to lift

The other day (Thursday, October 30th, to be exact!) I had a treatment called Ultralift at Dr. Sebagh’s office here in London. The concept behind the treatment is to tighten saggy skin, especially around the neck and jawline, with ultrasound energy, but this doesn’t feel like the ultrasound you have when you’re pregnant! The effects of the treatment aren’t immediately noticed, but will improve over time as your skin begins producing more collagen. Using ultrasound energy to tighten skin is FDA approved, by the way, but I don’t think this particular machine is available in the US.

Collagen is a protein found in our cells, which is then distributed throughout our body in various tissue fibres and in turn makes our skin more elastic and dewy-looking, our hair shiny, our eyes moist, our skin less wrinkled, but as we age, we naturally produce less collagen, so we get wrinkly, our skin less elastic, our hair brittle. In a nutshell, this is why there are various treatments targeted at those areas more prone to showing the effects of low collagen levels; your skin, your hair, even your nails.

Ultralift itself isn’t a painful procedure, but there are areas that will tingle for a few seconds and you might feel something like a very dull electric shock (don’t let that scare you!). Neither lasts long and the doctor who was in charge of doing the ultrasound (the wand itself is like the one used on your belly- I actually had an ultrasound on my foot once) asked me repeatedly if I was okay, was I uncomfortable, did anything hurt, since she could lessen the strength of the ultrasound; you will have a thick layer of cold gel on your face as well as cold air blowing on your skin.

As with any treatment, be true to yourself and only grin and bear it if you’re not seriously struggling with the pain! While ‘beauty hurts’, you never need to put yourself in a situation where it’s painful beyond words and so much so that you decide not to continue with the recommended course of treatments to get results! In other words, verbalise your pain threshold to whomever it is doing your treatment!

Do I see any difference? I actually do, especially on my face near the jowl area where I did fillers a year and a half ago. As far as my ‘turkey waddle’ goes, I haven’t seen much improvement there, which is why I chose to do Ultralift in the first place. The doctor I saw- not Dr. Sebagh- is a firm believer that doing this type of anti-aging treatment is incredibly beneficial to the skin and that every woman should do it. Given the look of her skin and my assumption of her age, I didn’t feel as if she were trying to get me to spend money for no reason!

Thankfully, my skin does look better and I think the expense was worth it. Two sessions within two months of each other are required with no further maintenance suggested. I don’t want to quote the cost of one session as I think it’s more appropriate if you contact Dr. Sebagh’s office directly or find another doctor’s office that does this particular treatment.

If I can avoid a facelift, I plan to by seeking out treatments that target my areas of concern. The trick, without a doubt, is to start taking advantage of aesthetic beauty treatments now vs. waiting until you’re truly showing signs of ageing…

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