WherezIT helps you keep track of where ‘it’ is!

Yesterday, WherezIT, an App idea that I had developed by a local App developer here in London, will be submitted to Apple! OMG! I can’t believe the moment has arrived!!! Think good thoughts and I’ll let you know when the app is available (UK and US markets for sure!)- fingers crossed!

Description in App Store:

Do you often feel like you have the memory of a goldfish or maybe you hide things so that no one will find them- important things like chequebooks or your kids’ iPads- then later realise you have no idea where you squirrelled them away?! Now you can keep a list of everything you don’t want to lose in one very intuitive, great looking app!
WherezIT keeps track of everything important; just take a snapshot of the item, add only the most important details, hit ‘save’, and you’re good to go! It’s not a chore to use WherezIT and you’re never inundated with a bunch of unnecessary details to add.

Keep track of where you put important documents, what’s in your safety deposit box, where you hid your valuable jewellery or what clothing you left at your holiday/weekend home. You can create your own categories so the list of uses is truly endless!

Thanks to the geo-tag option, you can take WherezIT even further and use it to keep track of where you parked on an unfamiliar street in an unfamiliar country, especially handy when street signs aren’t in English! WherezIT is the ultimate way to jog your memory and always know where ‘it’ is!

Feature set:

• Built-in camera plus access to camera roll to add item later
• Easily add the name of item, location, geo-tag, category, mark as important
• Set reminders for when you need something
• Items are alphabetised for quick searches
• Passcode protected and syncs with iCloud
• First ten items are free then in-app purchase allows endless entries

Please follow WherezIT on Facebook by clicking the link in the first sentence! THANK YOU!!

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