Nutribullet recipes at your fingertips


Raspberry banana coconut with mint from a Nutribullet recipes site

Not too long ago, I mentioned that I use a Nutribullet to make green smoothies. Click here to view the post. Well, I was lucky enough to be contacted by a woman who has a site that provides delicious and healthy recipes for a Nutribullet and she asked me to add a link to her site on my blog. She even offered to pay me! I simply wanted to be mentioned on her blog in exchange since any publicity is good publicity, right?

A little about the Nutribullet, which is a ‘superfood extractor’ vs. a traditional juicer. While juicers are great- I used to juice all the time when I was younger and had so much beta carotene in my system from carrots that I literally started turning orange…My hairdresser at the time asked where I had recently vacationed, because I was apparently tan, but I had really been stuck in a darkroom printing photographs for one of my grad school classes and in the middle of winter!

Anyway, pulverising fruits and vegetables into a juice means removing their skin if they have one, and essentially removing all the vitamins and rich nutrients found in the skin itself. An extractor is different. It emulsifies fruits and vegetables into a smoothie, leaving the healthiest part of your chosen fruits and vegetables, the skin, in the smoothie. It’s also great because you can add further things to your smoothie like flaxseeds, almonds, cashews, almond milk, cashew milk, coconut butter, coconut milk, and the list is endless. You feel full after your smoothie and you get the benefits of something that’s really good for you!

There are two types of well-known extractors on the market; the Vitamix and the Nutribullet. They are slightly different beasts, but in the same family and essentially do the same thing, though the Vitamix has more features and is much more expensive. Bear in mind that a blender, even a high-end one, cannot- I’ve tried it- emulsify a vegetable like kale, for example. Because kale has a very thick leaf, it’s hard to turn into smoothie form unless you don’t mind chewy bits in your smoothie, which to me are like biting into bits of eggshell when you’re eating a hardboiled egg. Yuck!

For more about healthy Nutribullet recipes, please click here¬†and enjoy your Nutribullet- if you decide to buy one (I can’t recommend this one highly enough!), which are easily ordered online both in the US and UK.

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