An App that truly helps you lose weight (or it least it has for me)


I know I write a lot about weight loss from not worrying about it and focusing on the rewards of being physically fit to stressing out about how I’ve recently gained a good amount of weight, which means that my own self-esteem vacillates and is definitely higher when I’m working out (endorphins maybe??).

This story begins during summer (2014) on one particular day when I was driving around and listening to an Oprah show on Sirius radio (FYI!). This particular episode was about weight gain and loss, the causes of having gained so much- usually from emotional overeating- and how people successfully fought and won their own battle of the bulge. But one woman’s story really peaked my interest when she talked about losing 25 lbs thanks to keeping a daily food journal. So I’m trying it and you know what? It works!

Thanks to My Fitness Pal, I’ve managed to lose 2 lbs this past week. Most was probably water weight, but when I stood on the scale this morning, I was nearly 6 lbs less than the weight I had been hitting all summer and 2 lbs less (feels more like fat loss) than my most recent ‘low’ weight. When you record and then see in black and white what you consume on a daily basis, you’re so much more mindful of what you put in your body.

Because this App counts calories (sometimes only roughly as not every dish you eat is represented in the App’s existing database- you can though add your own dishes provided you have all the labelled information), you get an idea of how much you’re exceeding, limiting (not a good idea), or sticking to your daily limit, which is based on current weight, your target weight, and the amount of weight per week that you’d like to lose. I chose 1.5 lbs per week so as not to starve myself so I’m right on target. According to the App, I should lose the 8 lbs that have been haunting me by October 10th and if I can keep the weight off, I’m happy to be patient.

I haven’t been able to exercise as much lately (long story!) so the good news is that the food journal is truly keeping me in check. And I feel so much better, especially in the muffin-top, gut-hanging-over-jeans area! Click on ‘My Fitness Pal’ above and check out the App for yourself.

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