Just go for it

This will be a short post. Not sure I need to say more than this: there’s no question that as we age (I’m 47), our bodies change. Losing weight becomes a fight, an uphill battle, frustrating, terrifying as you watch your body morph into something new. I spent my younger life perpetually hungry and was at least 10lbs underweight. I spent my 30’s bouncing back from three pregnancies, including a twin pregnancy, hitting my target weight (higher than in my 20’s!) if not easily then in time. I spent the first six years of my 40’s thanking my lucky stars I would never really struggle with my weight, but at 46 1/2 (I sound like my 9 year old; no, 9 1/2 year old!) I started putting on weight for seemingly no reason.

I have newly formed love handles, a muffin top that horrifies me when I’m sitting down, but I am physically stronger than I’ve been in maybe a decade. I work out with zeal, have regained some lean muscle tone through strength training, first doing weight training with a personal trainer and now on my own. I run faster than I have in many years.

Please stop focusing on your weight, if you feel you have an issue with it. Get into a great exercise routine and become physically fit. Being in shape truly does affect and boost your self-esteem. Knowing that you can kick ass at the gym, at a Soul Cycle class, when running alongside other runners in the park; all of these achievements will be inspiring to you. There are some things you can win against as you age and being truly physically fit is a challenge you CAN meet head on and win! Set goals for yourself, run 5K’s, 8K or 10K’s, do a triathlon or something new and take that energy, that power, that strength, and remind yourself that you’re a winner! And the reality is that you will eventually lose weight as well…

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