A simple way to beat bad breath


Hopefully my husband won’t read this post…

When we first started dating in early 1997, I must admit that there were times when he had slightly bad breath. Not offensive though, not the kind that compels you to roll down and practically lean out your window when trapped in a small car together (I actually dated someone very briefly whose breath was that bad!), but breath that at times was noticeably not good when we were in close proximity, which was (and is) all the time!

I am certainly not immune to having bad breath myself and feel I’m often offending people up close, but thanks to my husband’s morning routine- who nowadays never has bad breath (even if he’s eaten something that would normally make you want to run for the hills)- I’ve learned the powers of Listerine!

First thing you’ll want to do when you wake up in the morning is gargle with Listerine, before breakfast and when your breath is at its bacterial-ridden worst! The ‘original’, green Listerine is what we use and don’t just rinse your mouth, GARGLE, then brush your teeth AFTER breakfast or if no time for breakfast, after your Listerine routine.

Listerine, because it’s antibacterial, will kill the bacteria that builds up in your mouth overnight; flossing frequently and drinking water throughout the day are also key in helping eliminate bad breath, as long as your smelly breath isn’t a result of something else. Click here for more on what causes bad breath.

So there you have it, a tried and true remedy that can help get rid of your concern that when your friend places their hand on their face while talking to you, it’s simply a habit much like twisting a favorite curl around your finger while reading (I’ve started up this habit again)!

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