Post cleanse thoughts

So, I finished the cleanse last Friday, thankfully! The no caffeine thing was killing me (and the gas was killing my kids!). I ended up losing 1.5 pounds and though it wasn’t as much as I wanted to lose, my stomach ‘fat’ is no longer as much of an issue. I’ve been sticking to the food guidelines since I feel SO much better avoiding most of them, including dairy.

Yesterday, I ordered my first ‘skinny latte’, but before embarking on that wonderful journey I did take Lactaid- I know I’m lactose intolerant. The effects of the inclusion of dairy after none for 10 days were awful. Bad gas pains and general discomfort. Now I definitely know that dairy and I must part ways!

Eating fresh food, avoiding gluten, including protein at every meal possible, being mindful of what goes into my body, is the most cleansing part of the cleanse. I go to the bathroom (you know what I mean!) regularly and it’s very satisfying (gross!) so from that perspective, I couldn’t be happier that I spent time cleansing.

My goal is to cleanse once a year, even if it’s a struggle to down two shakes a day, give up caffeine, and experience the general malaise for the first four days that accompanies any major change in diet. I do feel less ‘toxic’ and my energy levels have completely returned. 

I think you have to be in the right mindset to cleanse so make sure it’s at a good time in your schedule to do so, but if you’re motivated enough, go for it!

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