Day 6 of Clean Refresh cleanse

Okay, so I’ve finally reached Day 6 and must admit that I’m at a point where the thought of another shake in lieu of a meal makes me nauseous. When I wrote my last post, I guess I was at a point in that particular day when I felt good, but it really wasn’t until Day 4 that any uncomfortable symptoms truly subsided. Headache gone; body aches gone; fatigue gone. 

In their place, and since the very beginning, is horrendous gas (just ask my kids and the guy who happened to walk up an aisle at Kmart in my wake!) and not knowing when the urge to go to the bathroom will hit me and I don’t mean number 1 (you will pee A LOT though). Coffee at least put me on a morning schedule…

Just had a hilarious conversation with my fellow cleansing buddy and she told me I should include that last night she dreamt that she had to poop (sorry if that sounds juvenile!), which basically woke her up so off to the bathroom she went. Intrigued by what her poop dream could symbolize, she did some research and it turns out that; 1) you have to poop (duh!) 2) you’re trying to rid yourself of a toxic situation 3) you’re worried about money. Interestingly, all three apply to her.

BTW, if you do this cleanse, get ready to poop in quantities you never thought possible!

Tomorrow is my last day and I’ll fill you in when it’s all said and done. I can’t mince my words so I must admit that both my friend and myself are so over this cleanse.

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