Day 2/3 of Clean Refresh cleanse

Yesterday was a bit of a slog. I’m writing this during Day 3 and until this afternoon, I felt a bit ill and was missing coffee like crazy! By this afternoon, my headache has finally subsided and the aches and pains I was feeling in my back are less aggravating. I’m finally starting to feel less listless- can’t say I’m energetic just yet- and my friend who’s one day behind me on the cleanse admits to feeling listless as well. In fact, we were talking this morning about how she never realized how dependent she is on caffeine and carbs to get her through her day.

My friend by no means needs to lose weight. She’s doing the cleanse because she wants to reduce inflammation in her body, as evidenced by her waking up with puffy eyes in the morning. I’ve just noticed that my watch and wedding band are a bit looser, which is a good sign.

If you’re a coffee addict or can’t fathom a night without alcohol, this cleanse will be a battle of wills; however, your body WILL give up its cravings, the toxins WILL eventually come out (my friend and I have found we pee quite a bit now), and you WILL start to feel better. So, muddle through the bad as the good is just around the corner!

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