why waste when you can redirect


I was at lunch with some girlfriends the other day and one friend was talking about a recent allergic reaction she had had to a facial. She was saying how sensitive her skin (face) has become so she’s had to opt for skincare products that are pretty basic and only for sensitive skin. To make a short story long, K was also telling us how her sister-in-law recently gave her a big jar of Crème de la Mer (there was a time when this brand was the most expensive cream on the market!) that she couldn’t use on her face, because it appeared she was sensitive to some ingredient in it. I happily volunteered to take the cream off her hands, but then suggested that she either do a patch test near one of her ears or use it on her body instead. K decided to keep the cream- oh well!

Here’s what I was getting at (finally!): if you’re like me, you tend to change skincare products before they’ve run out, so you can either pass them on to a friend (which is what I’ve normally done) OR, better yet, use them on other parts of your body like your delicate décolleté, neck, and hands (which is what I now do). Just because a product is for your face doesn’t mean you can’t use it elsewhere,  so think twice before tossing out your beloved skincare product and give it a new purpose elsewhere!

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