keeping you in the loop about fitness trackers

I’ve been on the hunt once again for a new gadget to replace my previous fitness tracker. I’ve done TONS of research since summer is coming up and I’ll be enjoying more outdoor fitness activities like running and paddle boarding so I want to know how many calories I’ll burn during certain physical activities- that will definitely keep me motivated to keep up the good work. Though counting the strokes done while paddle boarding and converting them into steps may be tricky, I’m still curious about how many total calories I could be burning while paddling.

I do believe wearing a fitness tracker is really helpful for at the very least informing you of estimated caloric burn and how much you’re moving throughout the day. Sleep tracking isn’t really important to me, since I know how little I actually sleep! The article for which I attached a link is the best one I’ve found so please read and enjoy. By the way, I use a fitness tracker as a guide, not as the the fitness Bible. I think you should do the same should you decide to invest in one.

Please feel free to comment on this post with any tracker you’ve tried. Thanks!



I thought I would let you know what I decided to purchase and how it’s going. In the end, I bought the Polar Loop and I really like it. I wear it on my right wrist, although I’m right-handed and it’s suggested that you wear it on the opposite wrist of the hand you write with for more accurate tracking. I pop it on my left wrist when I work out, but because I don’t use the device as a watch, which you can, I don’t want to pile up any more bracelets on my already over-accessorized left wrist! And anyway, I use my left hand almost as much as my right so I don’t really understand why it matters which wrist you wear it on, especially as I tend to type more than write.

All that being said, I love the look of the Loop- I got it in black- and find it really comfortable and unobtrusive when wearing. The displayed information are time, activity, steps taken, and total calories burned (vs. those uninterpretable ‘fuel points’ you achieve daily when using the Nike FuelBand). Also, if you tend to wear a Polar heart rate monitor when you work out, you can sync it with the Loop.

The app is more detailed and tells you what else you could do and for how long to achieve your daily fitness goal. For example, you could wash the dishes for 9h 4m, golf for 4h 32m or basketball for 1h 12m. These are the numbers I’m currently looking at having logged nothing in for today! It tells you how much sleep you got the night before and you don’t have to tell it when you’re going to sleep. It also displays how long you’ve been sitting, standing, walking, and running, your weight, and asks you about your mood that day. Today I’m just ‘okay’, because I’m tired!

Once again I must emphasize that I use my Loop to ‘keep me in the loop’ of my estimated daily activity levels. I don’t interpret the information the Loop gives me as being 100% accurate, but as a ‘nearly accurate estimate’ (I don’t mean to sound pessimistic!) to either motivate me to do more or reassure me that I’ve actually moved enough!

I work out on a TechnoGym Crossover machine at home and I will tell you that my Loop interprets this exercise as walking vs. running. That’s kind of a bummer since I tend to sweat my you know what off for 30-40 minutes, but what it’s taught me is that it’s not as intense of a workout as I had assumed. This is simply good to know, but not necessarily something I’ll change about my exercise routine.

I wish I could tell you that I’ve lost weight as a result of the device, but sadly it seems that my metabolism is currently rebelling against me these days. I do compare the number of calories I’ve burned vs. the number I’ve estimated I’ve ingested to have some idea of the imbalance between the two (way more consumed than burned, it seems!).

In the end, don’t waste your money if you don’t think that any of the information the Loop offers will make a difference to your daily activity routine. If you do decide to buy the Loop, or another fitness band, I hope you get enjoyment out of it and that it motivates you even further to be more active on a daily basis. And now I’m off to exercise and get my jollies from a Season Five episode of the The Real Housewives of New York…

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