don’t forget about Oil of Olay


Every time I go to the States and have the opportunity to go to Target or CVS or any other drugstore, it’s always a fruitful trip! I rediscover my love for Oil of Olay products, which of course exist in London, but the newer ones always come out in the States first.

While there are tinted moisturizers in practically every range of cosmetics, I absolutely love this one. If you apply it with a makeup brush vs. your fingers, you can achieve a more opaque finish so more like a foundation vs. a tinted cream.

Total Effects 7 is a great line of products in general so if spending a lot on anti-aging skincare isn’t your thing, but still having great products in your arsenal is, head to the Oil of Olay section of your local aforementioned stores and have fun browsing what they have to offer! And don’t forget that Proctor and Gamble spend a lot on research and development for all their products so if they’re on the shelf, there’s a lot that goes into that final product.

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