mesotherapy and LED light treatment

Today I went in for my first session of “High Frequency Mesotherapy, which distributes 8-9 micro injections every second to increase skin hydration and collagen production, making it an ideal treatment for anti-aging.” It basically tackles dehydrated and hyperpigmented skin, both of which I have at the ripe old age of 46! 😉

I’ll explain what the treatment was like through photos, so here you go:


This is me right before the treatment wearing no makeup (amazing how much better I look lying down, but don’t we all past the age of 45/50??!).


 This is the “gun”- you can see the syringe sticking out the end of it- that was used to make little injection sites all over my face and neck. The treatment isn’t uncomfortable, but every once in a while, I felt a little zap that happened only when the aesthetician was focusing on an area that needed more of the serum than other areas. The brown vile is a combination of Vitamin C, hyraluronic acid, and another compound I didn’t quite understand that apparently has 200 different amino acids in it. 


 I did a selfie just to show what it looks like to be injected. Like I said, there was minimal discomfort and for the most part I was relaxed.


 Once the mesotherapy part was complete, I went under an LED light. Click here for more information on the benefits of LED light therapy. I was made to wear two layers of eye protection since the light is very bright and I have to assume that the LED lights that were used were yellow and at the end, blue. I practically fell asleep under the light and if I were to wager a guess, I’d venture that this part of the treatment was no more than 15 minutes.


 This is maybe 30 minutes after the treatment and wearing tinted moisturiser. I did notice little pinprick, red marks immediately after I was finished, but they went away quickly. Two hours later, my skin feels very soft, a bit tight, but isn’t remotely irritated nor uncomfortable. My aesthetician suggested that I do some Mircrofirm treatments at some point to firm my skin, but I’d prefer to see how my skin improves from what I did today.

My next appointment is next week and I’ll continue to report back about the effects of the mesotherapy/LED light treatment.

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