forget shaving and waxing

I was just checking out the hair growth on my legs; I don’t have baby bottom smooth legs, but I just realized that I haven’t shaved in weeks. Why?? Because not too long ago, I continued with laser hair removal treatments here in London, which I had started in Milan almost a year ago (I lived in Milan for nearly 12 years until August 2013), but the beauty spa I go to uses the Soprano laser vs. the Alexandrite (I can’t even believe I made it through those Alexandrite sessions as pain free it was not!!). While the Soprano laser claims to be ‘pain free’ (what beauty treatment is really pain free, except for maybe a facial when you have no acne to deal with??!), it definitely works- and is actually less painful than previous lasers I’ve tried- and I have no real problems going back for more, though maybe this time I’ll do a few tequila shots before the session!

Here’s more about Soprano laser treatment from Red Online:

By Marisa Bell
30 May 2013

What is Soprano laser hair removal and why consider it?

One of the most popular options, Soprano promises an almost pain free approach to laser hair removal and more importantly, unlike many other laser treatments, it’s suited to pretty much every skin type and skin tone. Passing safely through the skin’s dermal layers, the laser light is attracted to the pigment at the hair root where heat from the laser is absorbed to destroy hair follicles at their base. Due to the fact that hair growth takes place in cycles, a course of sessions is required to treat any one area as it’s impossible to capture and destroy every follicle in just a single treatment.

What does the treatment involve?

While Soprano is billed as being almost universally suitable, before booking in for a course of treatment, all patients must undergo a consultation and patch test. During the consultation, the treatment is fully explained and the therapist will advise the best course of action for each client.

Before individual sessions, you’ll need to have shaved the target area for treatment so that the therapist can get to work straight away. After applying a thick cold gel and giving you a pair of safety glasses to wear, the laser is then passed over the bikini line area numerous times. Overall the process is fairly painless, although as the laser heats up it can feel slightly uncomfortable and depending on how sensitive you are, you might experience a slight pin pricking type sensation.

In between appointment you can shave or trim hair, but it’s essential to remember to avoid waxing and epilating throughout the treatment course in order to avoid disruption of the hair growth cycle. It’s also important to advise your therapist of any health changes during your treatment – a course of antibiotics for example can make your skin much more sensitive so you’ll need to wait a month post medication before you next appointment.


Does it work?

Reporting back that it’s paramount to invest both the time and money to complete the full prescribed program, our tested trialled a course of six treatments, each spread out around four to six weeks apart.

‘I’m thrilled with the results and while I’m not completely hair-free, the reduction in overall hair growth is definitely impressive.’
‘Individual sessions were relatively painless and there was absolutely no downtime afterwards. While I didn’t have the same therapist for every treatment, all of the staff at Courthouse Clinics were friendly and helpful.’

‘It’s worth noting that dormant hair follicles can become active years later, so you may find you need to book in for top up maintenance sessions even after you’ve completed your full treatment program.’

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