bikini season is just around the corner- eek

Even at the age of 46, I am always on a mission to figure out how to lose weight or maintain my weight, depending on where I am in my weight cycle! If you saw me, you’d think I was a lunatic since I’m a size 2/4/6 US (depending on the brand! I find it crazy that I’m a Gap and J.Crew size 2) or a UK 6/8. My clothing sizes haven’t changed as much as my body is starting to, but it’s ‘my bad’ since I’ve given up pilates for now and believe me, I’ve never been less toned! I’ll go back to it once I can figure out how to deal with a chronically painful shoulder, but that’s a whole different issue!

Anyway, the book I’m recommending is really good, while the title, in my opinion, is slightly pretentious. And I can also tell you that all rich people are not thin! 😉 Jana Klauer gives great, common sense advice and her suggestions are easily achievable and work.

Dr. Jana Klauer’s high-profile, hard-charging Manhattan patients can’t afford to be off their game. Maybe it’s the after-lunch slump, or the inability to focus on a crucial task at deadline time. It could be a constant nagging tiredness, or a thickening waistline, even when they’re exercising. Klauer’s patients go to Park Avenue’s premier nutritionist for results: to look and feel better. And they get them.


How The Rich Get Thin Dr. Klauer’s Plan includes:

· Meal plans high in protein, omega-3 fats and complex carbohydrates
· Calcium, through food rather than supplements, in the maximum amount the body can absorb at a time
· A morning exercise program as an adjunct to eating
· The Stop!Watch method to curb food cravings: any craving can be stopped within just 15 minutes
· How to eat at fabulous restaurants, for business or pleasure, and keep losing weight.
Dr. Klauer’s Plan features recipes including the fabulous low-cal dessert le Socialite, tricks of the nutritionist’s trade, and simple strategies to keep dieters on track and focused on their goals.

Dr. Klauer has made a study of what makes the rich stick with weight loss. She discloses the Park Avenue mindset, which includes secret weapons such as how to order at a business dinner, what food to carry on a private plane flight, and how the rich reward themselves while dieting.

Dr. Klauer’s Plan teaches you how to be healthy, vibrant, sexy and slim in an efficient format that is based on science. If you are looking for a quick-fix or magic bullet, you won’t find it here. The plan is for life. Follow it and you will look and feel like you just won a million bucks!

1. Daily exercise. You must schedule it into your routine.
2. Protein in a high quality form is vital for the functioning of your body. Include protein at every meal.
3. Calcium is essential for increasing metabolism levels.
4. Food cravings can, and must, be managed.
5. Eliminate all processed food.

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