applying perfume

I’m sure you already know this, but I didn’t learn this until a few years ago! When you apply any fragrance, spray or dab it where you want, but let it simply sit on your skin. Don’t rub your wrists together or even pat them together since this simple action can deaden the scent and alter its chemistry.

If your choice fragrance is a strong one, apply it 30 minutes before you’re out the door so that it can mellow a bit on your skin, unless you prefer the scent of your fragrance exiting the room after you do or you like offending everyone in a cramped space! Don’t forget that while you may love a certain scent, not everyone will and being forced to inhale someone else’s strong perfume for any extended period of time can be slightly nauseating (especially when you’re pregnant!).

Try spraying your perfume on the inside of your ankles when they’re exposed since they, like your wrists, tend to retain your perfume’s scent. I do this in the summer or when it’s warm outside. In fact, I think I’ll do this today since I’m wearing cropped jeans!

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