cheap doesn’t mean ineffective when it comes to skincare


Cosmetox+ Wrinkle Decrease Serum

My friend Joelle writes: I’ve recently been impressed by a relatively well-priced eye cream and face serum from M&S (Marks and Spencer). My eyes had been aging before my very eyes (no pun intended) and were getting very lined with dark circles and puffiness. I had been using Immupure Lifting Eye Serum for a few months- very expensive at £98 but seemed to do absolutely nothing.

I just happened to be in M&S and Cosmetox+ wrinkle decrease eye cream for £12 caught my eye (I am so sorry for all these puns!). It worked pretty much immediately and am very pleased with the results – so much so that I went and got the Cosmetox + intense serum for £19.50 and have been very impressed with this too.


Cosmetox+ Wrinkle Decrease Eye Cream

My skin seems brighter from using it. Can’t say that my lines have gone yet but I’ve only just started using it. Having previously been using Sunday Riley’s Good Genes at £85 and again I find M&S beating the more expensive product. The only downside is that my makeup doesn’t seem to sit so well on top of Cosmetox+ so I only use it at night. I will certainly be trying their day and night creams when I run out of what I currently use.

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