Christian Dior Dreamskin really is dreamy


I’ve been using Dreamskin for a couple of weeks so now I’m ready to tell you about it. I love it! I was totally skeptical that this stuff would do what it claims, that I could wear it alone with no foundation, that it would truly brighten my skin. But you know what?? It does! From the Dior website:

Dreamskin is a wonderful skincare product that goes beyond the classic cosmetic’s limits. For the first time, Dior has created skincare which is capable of acting simultaneously on the skin’s quality, uniformity and youth.

Its unique universal formula is a real revolution: it is a global anti-ageing as well as a rejuvenation skincare product.
The product itself is tinted and has a nice, hydrating texture. Is that actually a texture??! What I mean is that it looks like a foundation, but is much smoother and lighter when applied to your skin. I find using my fingertips makes better use of the product than brushing it on and I put it over my moisturiser.During the day, it seems to be an effective, if very sheer foundation. It subtly reflects light so that your skin has a glowing, dewy look to it. Dreamskin, along with my bronzer and mascara, is adequate makeup for me and the nice thing about it is that you can go about your day with a healthy glow vs. looking too made up, an appropriate look when heading to the park on a sunny day with my kids and barking dogs in tow! If my dogs insist on bringing attention to me with their incessant barking, I may as well look good while admonishing them, right??!

Dreamskin is available at any US or UK department store, duty free shop if you’re traveling internationally. Here it is on It costs £79 or $110.

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