hair products for short dry dyed hair


That’s my daughter, who got her gorgeous locks from my husband’s side of the family- thought this was a more appealing photo than posting one of my hair (check out my “about” page!)

I’m a products to whore, I totally admit it. I can’t seem commit to one product for long, I fall in love with and buy new products before my current “favorite” is finished, then I leave the old product I once loved in the dust. Variety is the spice of life, right?? I should stick with the adage, “haste makes waste” to avoid becoming a hoarder!

But here’s the deal, I have really dry, over-processed, once naturally curly now wavy, salt and pepper colored hair. Because I tend to change the length and color practically every time I go to the hairdresser, I’m always asking what products my hairdresser used to achieve my style and then I often buy whatever is suggested. This doesn’t mean that each and every hair product recommended by a professional has become my favorite, but through trial and error, I have a list of four styling products that I really do love (cross my heart!).

I have what my daughter calls, a “hair pillow”, i.e., naturally puffy hair that looks HORRENDOUS if I don’t tame it with styling products! To help me achieve some semblance of a cool (in my opinion!) hair style, in addition to having the right hair cut, I first use an oil, then a pomade or paste. I also rely on my GHD V Gold Mini Styler, an absolute must-have if your hair is as short as mine and you want to straighten your waves.

Here’s what I find works for me:

On damp hair, I use Wella SP Luxe Oil or Moroccanoil. Moroccanoil comes in two versions- regular and light. I was told by a Moroccanoil saleswoman that I should opt for the “light” version, because I have light colored, fine hair. Say what??! I admit that I got slightly defensive when she suggested I had fine hair (no offense to those of you who do!), since I pride myself on a head full of thick, coarse hair! So I of course bought the regular version and while I do think it was the better choice, I’ve found that a 10p or dime sized dollop is all I need or my hair ends up limp and oily.

When I want to mold my hair into a style, I’m a big fan of Supremo Magic Move Soft (yellow jar) and Oribe Fiber Groom (referred to as a “texture paste”). Supremo Magic Move is a pomade, but the texture reminds me of a clay facial mask (it doesn’t look that way in your hair!). Both products are undetectable once in your hair, unlike wax or gel, and are really easy to apply; no need to heat them up by frantically rubbing your hands together and a little goes a long way.

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