Makeup that can enliven winter skin

All I can say is, amen sister (to the author of the below article)! Why walk around looking like a ghost in the middle of winter (don’t forget that holiday tans fade)??! I had just written how I prefer using bronzer to blush (all year round) and that I love Laura Mercier’s compact powder bronzer– not too shimmery and adds a touch of warmth to your skin.

By the way, from your 40’s onward, makeup that’s too glittery or too shimmery doesn’t look great on our aging skin; makes us look as if we’re making some lame attempt to stay too trendy with our makeup (best to try to achieve a dewy look to your skin by properly hydrating it vs. through your makeup). Try to choose blush and eye shadows that aren’t necessarily matte, but have just the slightest reflection of light in their colors in order to add highlights to your skin, not blind those who are looking at you in the light!

When you apply a bronzer, apply in ‘Nike’ sweeps across your cheekbones up to your temples, to your ‘T-Zone’ (a light sweep across your forehead and bridge of your nose), and lastly, a dab on your chin. Think of applying bronzer to the areas where the sun kisses your skin!

My all-time favorite bronzer brush is Laura Geller’s Double Ended Face and Stippling Brush! See below. By the way, I love love love all the brands mentioned and can highly recommend them. And wintertime is the perfect season for a chemical peel, though don’t try one at home!

From the NY Times:


Makeup That Can Enliven Winter Skin

With the tan now a beauty boogeyman, some consumers are looking for different ways to enliven winter-dulled skin. Enter the illuminator, several new versions of which have come to market recently.

Fruity Puff

Nestled inside a sleek-looking compact, this soft, light powder, Brightening Finishing Powder by Bobbi Brown, contains mulberry and grape extracts. It is available in six shades, $50 (

Bright Eyes

A serum of vitamin C, ginkgo leaf extract, caffeine and other perky-sounding ingredients in Time in a Bottle for Eyes from Philosophy promises to reduce dark circles and puffiness, $65 (

Skin Scrub

Massage your face with this fine-textured exfoliator, the company claims, and it will look radiant and feel smooth. The star ingredient here in Micro Magic by Bliss is volcanic pumice, with vitamin E to help with moisture, $48 (


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