More fab foundation and skincare finds

The other day I saw an ad in a magazine for Lancôme’s Teint Visionnaire– I can’t resist makeup products aimed at older women! So I promptly went to Harvey Nichols and bought the right shade for me and have fallen in love!

Do not allow the salesperson to try matching colors on your hand. Better on the underside of your wrist, but best on your face. Choose a shade a touch lighter than your skin color and use a bronzer if you want to look tan (I use a bronzer from Laura Mercier and prefer it over blush, plus you can put it on your eyelids as well).

By the way, most ads you’ll see use young models to promote Teint Visionnaire, because it’s also a skin correcting duo, but if you click on the link I provided, a young model is not being used for the makeup tutorial.

Teint Visionnaire provides great coverage and I also noticed, much to my amazement, that it even fills in fine lines without the need of a primer! At least, that’s how it appeared to work once I had coated my forehead with a thin layer.

I apply foundation with a foundation brush vs. a makeup sponge. I find this particular foundation can go on pretty thick so if you prefer a more sheer look, try mixing the foundation with whatever face cream you use and apply with your fingertips (always clean!).

While at the Lancôme counter, I was also talked into- though no major arm twisting required- their uber hydrating cleanser and toner (Galatée Confort and Tonique Confort). I’m in love with both!

I never understood the point of a toner, but now I do, which is to be used with a cotton pad after you’ve cleansed in order to deep clean your pores (and lines), ridding them of any makeup or dirt, which then prepares your skin for your next skincare regime step.

I’ve discovered the absolute best way to use creamy cleansers of any kind is to use at least two pumps of the product, spreading a thin layer all over your dry face, making sure to gently rub it in with the intention of removing makeup. Next, take a hot washcloth (not scalding) and gently rub it all over your face until, if you’re removing makeup, the washcloth is clean. Your pores will open, which makes your skin nicely receptive to whatever you plan to use next on your face.

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