new breasts at 48

Making the decision to undergo a breast augmentation isn’t an easy choice and often means considering the surgery from a philosophical standpoint since unlike a reduction, an augmentation means putting something fake in to something real for no real good reason. Except that there actually are real good reasons and the results can be amazing. In addition to questions you’ll not only ask your surgeon, you’ll inevitably ask yourself more.

This post is one submitted by a good friend who wanted to weigh in on the issue. Here’s what she writes:

“Breasts, boobs, tits, watermelons, two fried eggs- the list is endless but whatever you call them or whatever their size, mammary glands seem to be the obsession of many women (and men too)! Too big, too small, different shapes or sizes, perky or droopy, we never seem to be completely satisfied with our breasts. And as for after childbirth and breast feeding ( which after all is the primary function of breasts)…Well, do I need to comment??!

But why are we so concerned with our breasts? Is it the equivalent of men being obsessed with the size of their appendage? And when did breasts become so sexual? (I am not going to go into the history and culture of breasts as sexual objects since there are far too many different theories and opinions out there already)!

But let’s face it, it’s not just the young who want a boob job, but also those of us whose bits are heading south and in theory should know better. After all, a breast augmentation, reduction or lifting involves invasive surgery for a non life threatening problem and all the risks that that involves. So why do we do it? Is it because of a lack of self confidence, a need to feel feminine and breasts are associated with looking feminine, because the men in our lives want it (I hope to hell that nobody does it for this reason), or is it the search for a perfect body because we feel that way the rest of our lives will be perfect too?

I am not condemning boob jobs, in fact I’m all for returning things to how they where before pregnancies and breast feeding;  I am just musing on the reasons why we do it and what motivates a woman to undergo what is considered unnecessary surgery. After all, it’s not just the risk of a general anesthetic, post op infections and the  cost of the surgery, but what if you don’t actually like them afterwards!!

All this being said, would I have surgery to enhance my breasts?? Actually yes! Four months ago I went from fried eggs to grapefruits in the space of a day! And I am happy happy happy that I did! I feel far more feminine than I did before. My clothes fit and fall better, and I feel more like a woman! And as for lingerie shopping… is now a pleasure not a nightmare! I did it as this point in my life because I was just too busy before and had other priorities. At 48, I felt I was finally at a point when I am thinking and doing things for myself and this was very definitely for me!!!!”

One thought on “new breasts at 48

  1. Reblogged this on Steel and Grey and commented:

    This is also a reblogged post. I thought the original title was really dull! The important part of this post is that my friend chose to undergo a breast augmentation in her late 40’s, a choice I would think most women would have made much earlier.


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