Author’s note

I would really love your feedback and comments about the posts I write. This is, after all, a blog dedicated to all of us who are facing getting older and all the perils that go along with skin that’s weathered many a sunny day, legs that are rapidly losing their firmness, hair that’s becoming brittle, and the list goes on. I hear so much chatter from friends or acquaintances about tweaks they’d like to make to their appearance, but they stand on the precipice of fear of the process, fear of the results or fear of being judged if they take that step towards not aging naturally.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I’m a pretty impulsive person who often jumps headfirst into new haircuts, new hair colors, am not afraid of surgery, complains little because there are always solutions, and this includes health. But I realize that all of these treatments or products that I suggest come at a price and that not everyone can afford to do the same.

This becomes then a good question. If Botox, fillers, cosmetic surgery, department store or boutique brands are not part of your budget, what to do? The good news is that there are many products available at your local Boots, CVS, Walgreen’s, even at the supermarket, that are  totally adequate (don’t forget that Procter and Gamble spend A LOT of time and money on the research and development that go into their products). You can always color your hair at home, but you should go darker vs. lighter. Diet and exercise are up to you- daily 30 minute walks with your dog are enough to get your blood circulating and work off some of that morning muffin! I’ll get into more of that later. Whiter teeth can be achieved with whitening toothpaste like Crest 3D and/or the Crest Whitening Strips, also available at your local drugstore. And the list goes on. There are even home remedies you can do, like an olive oil hair mask to bring back the shine and luster that often fades over time.

Regardless of your budget, you can afford to take care of yourself and you should never lose sight of your beauty no matter your age. While it’s true that beauty comes from within, if you’re feeling like crap on the outside, it often affects your inner self! And we have all had crap days. Those days when you want to punish yourself by either not eating or stuffing your face; comfort comes in many forms!

Your comments, whether positive or negative, annoyed with me or frustrated with yourself, whatever the tone, are really important to me. They’re important because this way I know I have an audience and am motivated to continue to share my own experiences.

I truly appreciate every new follower on this blog and every “like” click on my FB page. And for this reason, I want to give you a voice as well. If you want to submit a post or recommend a product or make a comment about something I recommended or question something I’ve done, I AM HERE FOR YOU as a fellow aging friend and real person behind all the advice I dole out or discoveries I make.

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