There’s always time to get toned

Thought he’d get your attention!

Ever since reading an article about shorter, but more intense workouts and the benefits of them, I’ve modified my workout on the Crossover machine and am finally seeing results, so much so that I HAD to share! But why oh why can’t I be blind to my saggy skin?? I’ve become all too aware of toned arms along with saggy skin that has taken up residence at the creases of the sides of my arms where my elbows meet my forearms. ARGH!

Listen up, ladies (men, I don’t think you have the same issues as we and I can’t comment on beer bellies unless as a man you have a muffin top!), working out when you’ve passed your prime means doing more than just cardio; it means doing exercises that tone your body and this means you often finish your exercise routines silently cursing at your instructor or cursing at the skies, because resistance training hurts and you have to work hard!

But it’s not just exercise that brings out the tone in you, it’s diet as well. If you’re not of Mediterranean descent, then eating pasta and bread daily should be restricted. You gotta cut the carbs (and I will soon post something I did that really helped eliminate the craving for carbs), which as innocuous as they look on your plate or wrapped around a piece of raw fish, are foods that will be processed as sugar by your body and then turned into fat. Bummer.

I’m not a nutritionist or a personal trainer, but I’ve seen both of these types of professionals throughout my adult life and I agree with most of the advice I’ve been given. I am also constantly evolving, often seeking ways to adjust to my aging body. Gosh, I so digress!

As I said, I recently modified my workout routine, plus I’ve been told by two personal trainers that focusing on strengthening exercises is the only way to get toned- this can mean working out with (low) weights or doing some other type of resistance training.

I now work out for 30 minutes on a Technogym Crossover machine at an effort level of 12, with a profile setting of the valleys and peaks that increase during the workout. Once finished, I’ve added the thirty day plank challenge to my routine (thanks, Rachel!), then I do a flexibility routine holding light weights in my hands (my pilates instructor in Milan gave me two 1kg squishy balls as a going-away present and they are great to use to provide a bit of resistance when I’m doing certain movements), one set of pilates hundred, and then I stretch. I work out at least 3-4x per week, depending on the amount of free time I have.


pilates toning balls

I HAVE seen changes in my legs and I am thrilled! And I owe this change to modifying my workouts. I used to work out on my machine for 45 minutes to 1 hour and what I realized is that I wasn’t really pushing myself, mostly because I had it in my mind that a longer routine was better. I was simply stuck in a rut and was waiting for good results to come to me vs. my being more aggressive.


the technogym crossover, man not included

Regarding a good toning exercise routine, you can do pilates, yoga, ask a trainer at your gym to help you with weight training or if you work out at home and you’re disciplined, you can download the Nike Training Club app to your smartphone, which offers some great exercise routines, along with photos and videos. I was blown away by this app!

Please feel free to comment and let me know what works for you!

P.S. I wish I had appreciated my body when I was younger!

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