bad bruising from botox can be avoided

You’ll notice a bump on my forehead- this is an injection site from earlier today

Today was ‘B Day’, as in Botox day! And I want to give you a little piece of helpful advice that you may or may not know already. I don’t normally bruise from injections and they don’t normally hurt. I’ve only been badly bruised once and ironically, it was when the most care was taken to numb my face. I was black and blue for days and needless to say, I didn’t go back to that doctor.

What I wanted to tell you is that if you’re PMS’ing or if you have your period, the injections will hurt worse and you’ll bruise worse than normal. I wanted to do a couple of small, filler injections in my lips today as well, but my doctor advised against it and it was he who told me that I would swell more and bruise worse, because of where I was in my cycle; so now I impart these words of wisdom to you and they are: don’t do any cosmetic procedures when your body is at its most tender, unless you have a seriously high pain threshold!

Arnica gel or cream is a great weapon to have in your home emergency kit. Apply arnica to the injection sites to prevent any or further bruising. Only apply the cream on a closed wound though- also great to have around for any bumps and bruises your kids acquire, i.e., circular bruises on thighs from being stomped on by metal cleats during a rugby match!

To be honest, doing Botox and fillers the same day can be pretty brutal and the two times I’ve done this in the past, I felt awful that evening, as though I were coming down with a cold. It passed within 24 hours, but wasn’t fun while it lasted.

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