finding bliss in bliss spa products

The other day while exiting Harvey Nichols, I was approached by the Bliss Spa salesgirl (I know I should say woman, but she was so young!) to try their hand cream, the most delicious smelling cream ever with the scent of grapefruit! I’m a hand cream sucker and I almost bought it- to add to my existing large family of hand creams- until my eye caught the fatgirlslim lean machine (do you think Fatboy Slim knows he has a contouring machine named after him??!)! Being me, and being obsessed with trying to rid myself of very unwanted cellulite, I of course bought it, but I can’t comment on its efficacy just yet. Please give me a month to report my findings (or change our full-length mirror!).

Another product that I enthusiastically purchased is thinny thin chin neck firming cream, which I tried in the store and was immediately impressed by its seemingly instant firming of my under-the-chin-skin. The names of the Bliss Spa products may be silly, but the results definitely aren’t!

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