Food for thought

A friend just queried this via her FB status and I thought this was awesome food for thought!

“So I need some information that this group may be able to help me with….
I would like to do a comprehensive wellness plan- fitness, nutrition, etc- mind, body, soul.
I take my good health for granted and really would love to implement some changes as I do very little for myself along these lines… Working hard in many areas and raising child solo leaves little room- sure many of you can relate. Would you mind sharing- either via message or on this wall- what YOU have found to be biggest bang for your buck as far as time and resources investment in your health? All tips are welcome. Foods. Exercise. Relaxation de-stressors, supplements etc. THANK YOU!!!! XO”

In no particular order, here’s what I would recommend (though some may not be the most cost effective!):

1. Try to exercise 3-4 times a week- great for the mind and a great de-stressor; this could also simply mean walking, so if you live in a city try walking to your next destination (30 minutes of continuous walking a day is recommended by Jana Klauer, a renowned NYC-based nutritionist, who wrote the book How the Rich Get Thin– awful title, awesome nutritional advice)

a) when you’re in shape, there’s no better feeling! I know I feel in my 20’s when I’m in running shape, but just remember that your exercise routine should include stretching and more than just unilateral movements (i.e., running or working out on a machine)

2.  Try to maintain a good skincare routine that’s appropriate for your skin type; a gentle cleanser/makeup remover, day cream with SPF 15, eye cream, and night cream are all you need (conversations with sales associates at any department store or boutique about various products are always free and most places will have samples available)

a) I know this sounds slightly ridiculous, but often the simple act of washing your face also means washing the day away and starting fresh

b) it’s also a time when you’re pampering yourself

c) I’m a big fan of Zelens (you can find this in London), Perricone MD, Bobbi Brown’s Extra line of makeup and skincare products, but am always open to recommendations

3. Whenever you’re looking to make a change with regard to your diet, visiting a nutritionist is incredibly helpful. He or she will cater a diet to your needs, help you understand what foods to avoid, help with weight loss/gain/maintenance and recommend a vitamin regimen

a) the first appointment is always the longest and will often be accompanied by a long questionnaire and food journal

4. Be true to yourself- if you’re not feeling great, don’t let people talk you out of seeing a doctor or a specialist for what ails you

a) for body-related aches and pains, I see an osteopath who has really been instrumental in helping me feel more physically comfortable (I often have low-grade neck, back, and shoulder pain)

b) my osteopath recommended I do yoga to help me become more flexible- I’m starting a new class today

It takes three weeks of doing something continuously to form a new habit. It takes much less time to break one. Don’t be hard on yourself if forming a new habit is an uphill battle; Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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