various shades of grey


Yesterday, after pondering the decision to ‘go grey’ for months, I begged my colorist to help me out. Really what I wanted was to leave the sides and back their natural salt and pepper colors and get rid of the blond and orange on top (check out the hello’ post on this blog), opting for the colors of clouds on a stormy, grey day! Is it possible to be poetic when describing hair color??

In the world of hair color, grey really translates to “ash” or “silver”, but as you know if you follow pop culture, grey (as I would call it!) as a hair color choice is in! Look at Kelly Osbourne and Pink, who don various shades of grey (not Fifty Shades of Grey- get your mind out of the gutter!).


Kelly Osbourne



Anyway, for what it’s worth, I emerged with a mix of stormy colors in addition to a bit of a blond tinge (left over from the previous color in my hair). If you’re at all curious to reveal the grey in your natural hair color, you can (and should) easily work with your colorist on this.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to change your color, please avoid at-home DIY dye jobs. For some reason, over-the-counter hair color always tends to turn your hair slightly orange over time. Don’t know why, but that’s been my own experience (and I’ve seen it in friends’ hair as well) and in my opinion, orange is easily the most aging hair color ever. In this case, orange is NOT the new black!

This post is also about about making the transition from shampoo for color treated hair to shampoo for grey hair, which I was told to buy by my colorist. There’s a difference in products, because there’s a physical difference between grey and non-grey hairs. Philip Kingsley, one of the most revered trichology experts in the world, describes it like this: click here.

If there’s anything I hope to do by blogging about my hair color, it’s to encourage you to play with your own, but don’t play with it at home. Trust me on this- I have a lot of experience!

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