-sometimes it takes nerves of steel to face the grey

There was a time in most of our lives when we were convinced we would never get old (our bodies would always feel like well-oiled machines when we worked out) and certainly never look it (how could habitual social smoking affect our skin??!)! Well, welcome to your 40’s, when everything starts to catch up with you!

While you’ve definitely grown wiser, you now find yourself standing on the precipice of God-given naturally youthful looks or needing help to look naturally youthful!

Whatever your blank canvas, it just plain takes more effort to look great, but you, my friend, are not alone! I’m not a beauty editor, have no affiliation with any company or brand, don’t get paid to mention products (yet!!), but am a pretty devoted consumer of anti-aging skincare products/occasional guinea pig (though not a huge risk taker- wouldn’t inject silicone in my lips, for example), who loves passing along information about a good thing.

The beauty biz is vast and my experience with every lotion, potion or treatment is limited to what I’ve been exposed to or what a friend has recommended, but I’ll let you know what works for me and if it works, I won’t steer you wrong.

This blog is aimed at the 40+ crowd who, like me, aren’t in the mood to age! If complimented, I make no bones about the fact that my skin looks good (I’m 46) thanks to Botox or having done Restylane a few times (it actually has regenerative effects) and yes, I will do cosmetic surgery procedures. Stay tuned!

I’m American, but live in London so sometimes I’ll come across products that you can only find in one country or the other; I apologize for that in advance. I spent nearly 12 years in Milan before London and nearly 2 in Berlin before that. I still spend quite a bit of time in the US, but it depends on my four kids’ holiday schedules and that of my husband’s (sometimes he’s included 😉 !).

I’d love for you to subscribe to my blog and I’d love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to comment on any of my posts or email me at steelandgreyuk@gmail.com. I take full responsibility for what I write and for what I post if it wasn’t written by me.

Alexandra x

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