Goodbye fine lines

This morning, after having overslept 45 minutes, leaving my kids 15 minutes to get ready for school (my bad!!), I raced upstairs to focus on getting myself out the door. I then had one of those, “eek!” moments when I noticed how visible the fine lines were around my eyes. I had been sampling Bobbi Brown’s Extra Eye Repair Cream over the weekend, which I really liked, so I slapped it on and voilà, the lines vanished! Seriously, in the natural light that floods our white bathroom, I could barely see the lines so I had to share this with you!

While the texture of the cream is as thick as zinc oxide, and looks like it, once you’ve patted it around your eyes (and do pat vs. rub, following the bony contours of your eye sockets), it disappears, along with your lines.


I’m totally willing to humiliate myself for the sake of this blog by taking ridiculous, public selfies, but FYI, this one hasn’t been retouched and I’m not wearing any makeup

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