The power of the primer


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I can so clearly remember sitting with an ‘ex’ friend (she became an ‘ex’ that day not because of her makeup remark, but others she kept firing at me!) who made the comment, and most definitely aimed at me since I do recall how she was eyeballing my face, that once you turn 40 you need to start wearing makeup everyday if you want to look good. She was probably right, but ouch! While I’ve made the leap to wearing foundation, a blush or bronzer, eye makeup (i.e., powdered eye shadow or a cream shadow), mascara (when my eyes aren’t bothering me too much), and of course lip gloss or lipstick on a daily basis, I still fail to remember that I have a couple of primers sitting around that could be useful as well!

What’s a primer anyway?

From WebMD

Think of these products like the primer you’d use for painting a house. The goal is the same: to fill in any bumps, lumps, and uneven spots so that whatever you put on next starts on a smooth, even surface. In the case of your face, that would be concealer, foundation, or powder.Many women find primers to be especially useful around the eyes, where fine lines can become more prominent when makeup settles into the crevices, as well as in areas with enlarged pores. When you use a primer on areas that tend to be oily, like the eyelid, makeup tends to adhere better and last longer. Also, a thin layer of primer all over can help makeup stay put.Another primer perk: Whether your skin is oily or dry, acne-prone or sensitive, you can use a primer, since the moisture it imparts comes via silicone, not oil.

How to Use Makeup Primers

Apply these products sparingly. Less definitely is more. After you apply sunscreen and a moisturizer, then comes the primer. Use your finger to apply only the thinnest dabs around your trouble spots. This way, you create a very fine film, but you can blend it out as far as you like.

Finally, because primers have staying power, be diligent about washing your face well each night. Consider an electronic cleansing brush, which gently but effectively gets your face squeaky clean. But any cleanser and water will work, too.

Here’s what I use and like, when I remember that I have them (click on links to read descriptions about each primer):

Hourglass– Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15

Laura MercierFoundation Primer

Laura GellerSpackle Under Make-Up Primer (love the name!)

And just to add to the list, but hopefully not to your confusion, check out Total Beauty‘s list.

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