Foundations found and loved

photo 1This is me wearing Bobbi Brown Extra in Medium 

First of all, thank you to the young salesgirl (sales associate??) at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter at Peter Jones who asked what kind of foundation I had on when I wasn’t wearing any! I’m pretty sure this was thanks to a recent acid peel and a bit of holiday sun!

Anyway, I love the look of dewy skin; the kind of skin that you imagine when touched, leaves a slight sheen on your fingertips. But that’s just me! To try to achieve this dewy look with my own skin, I always use a rich daytime moisturizer, especially during the winter. And I look for the same effect in my foundation. If you know me well, you’ll know that Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier are two of my favorite makeups. I think they’re both ideal for aging skin, because as we all know, aging skin has different requirements. If you’re not aware of this and you’re in your 40’s, wake up and smell the coffee, sister!

Anyway, today I bought my new favorite foundation from Bobbi Brown called Extra. Its texture is really rich, but not at all greasy. It’s part of the Bobbi Brown Extra family of anti-aging skincare and has anti-aging properties in it. One ingredient is lavender, known to be soothing for the skin, so the foundation itself smells amazing. Jennifer, my new ‘friend’ at Bobbi Brown, applied the foundation on me with a brush, but if you prefer a more sheer look, you can apply it with your fingertips, starting at the bridge of your nose area and spreading it outwards towards your cheekbones.


Another favorite foundation of mine, and a similar idea to Bobbi Brown Extra, is Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Foundation. Again, you have the option to use a flat foundation brush or your clean (!) fingertips to apply it depending on the kind of coverage you’d like. Both foundations offer nice coverage and leave a soft, moist finish to your face.


And lastly, I love bareMinerals, especially during the summer when it’s not necessary to wear such creamy foundations. bareMinerals now makes its foundation in a compact case, which is easier to use (it also comes in a loose powder) and ideal to travel with. For best coverage, you’ll want to apply the mineral foundation powder with either a kabuki brush or a large, round, flathead brush. By the way, if your skin is dry, a mineral powder foundation is the way to go if you prefer a compact powder vs. a cream foundation. Don’t forget that these are makeup suggestions are for us more mature women so moisture balanced skin is key!


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