One dress seven styles


One of the cool things about having a blog is being able to call upon friends to submit posts, especially when they themselves are up to greatness in their own lives and have made their way into their 40’s with relative ease! At least, that’s what they reflect in their attitude and their exterior!!

My good friend, Jane, who lives in Milan has recently started a business as an image consultant/personal shopper and because she’s well into her 40’s- and I swear has gotten more beautiful and stylish as she’s gotten older- I wanted her to write about accessible chicness from her perspective. I, for one, am buying this dress!! Thanks, Jane!

Here’s Jane of

One dress seven styles

Last week I went to a presentation at a friend’s house in Milan. AME Ventures were presenting their ‘wearessential’ range of basic multi function clothing and extra comfy yoga gear in jersey and cashmere. The pieces are all made in Italy from fabric to construction and in line with the company’s philosophy.

My absolute favorite piece (I liked all of it) was a black multi function dress that can be worn in at least 7 different ways! Elena and Selena (AME Ventures) were kind enough to let me model the dress and take photos to post on my janeinmilan Facebook page and here on Steel and Grey. As you can see from the photo above, this dress is extremely versatile and perfect for holiday or business travel; it even comes in a handy bag which can also be used to complete your outfit.

In the photo I am wearing the simple dress for a shopping trip. I have also worn it with heels, boots, flats, sneakers, leggings,  the combinations are endless! With biker or bomber jacket, simple black jacket or/& coat, with lots of chunky jewelery or just a statement piece.

If you are interested, the website is and is in both English and Italian, with prices in Euros. The dress costs €210, which if you wear the dress in 7 different ways works out at €30 per look!


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