Detox Day 3 and Final Day

I cheated again this morning and ate some parmesan. The thought of only liquids was so unappealing, but the good news is that I’ve lost 2 lbs! I started at 134.6 and was 132.6 this morning.

Still suffering from back pain and headaches, but apparently the headaches could be due to caffeine withdrawal, which more than likely is the case in my case. I didn’t do a colonic cleanse this morning, but did go to the bathroom. I wasn’t bloated nor uncomfortable prior to going, so it was simply a welcome surprise!

Sticking to only juice tonight might be difficult as we’re having a pre-Christmas celebration with the kids at home. All in all, this is something I would do again, but timing is key.

Bonus: I have a white, “summer” watch that I had wanted to take on holiday, but when trying it on a few days ago, found it was tight. I had left any extra links in the States so elongating the band was out of the question. This morning, out of curiosity, I tried the watch on again and it fit! I wonder how I’ll keep this extra weight off while away…

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