D Day!


Today is D Day, as in detox day and Day 1 of my cleanse. I’ve started a three day cleanse that will hopefully go as seamlessly as its delivery to my doorstep last night! Instead of fussing with making my own juices, I decided to order them from a London-based, organic juice delivery company called Radiance Cleanse. You can choose the type of cleanse you want to do as well as the length of time. Since this is my first juice cleanse, I opted for the three day Signature Cleanse.

I think my hormones have gone wacky- I’ve just gone off the pill and will see a gynecologist in February (this particular doctor’s waiting list was three months!) to check my hormones- which is contributing to my horrible eating habits lately. Seems I’m on the “seafood” diet- I see it and eat it! 😉

Seriously, I don’t know what’s going on with me, but if I’m in perimenopause, which means stuffing my face, I’m in trouble! It may also be that this recent move to London is somehow compelling me to eat everything in front of me (and my kids!), but whatever it is, I’ve become an unruly eater so I wanted to cleanse myself before heading off on our Christmas holidays.

As I write this, I’m drinking hot water with lemon and the first juice of the day, which is ginger lemonade. The cleanse calls for different juices at specific times throughout the day, all of which is written on a schedule for you. Couldn’t be simpler! I’ll report back tomorrow.

Later that same day…I spent most of the day hovering somewhere between feeling fluie and feeling nauseous. Apparently these side effects of the cleanse are normal as your body begins the detox process. I was and am also crazy tired. Don’t schedule the cleanse at a stressful, busy time as you will suffer through it. Hunger hasn’t been an issue as much as feeling depleted of energy and sick.

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