Luscious lashes


I’m always on the hunt for the best mascara that plumps with no clumps! A friend just sent me this article from the NY Times Fashion & Style section about eyelash-boosting mascaras (is that what they’re called??!). Click here to read the article. Bobbi Brown is available at John Lewis, Peter Jones, and Harvey Nichols, and I’ll do some research to locate where to find the other mascaras here in London. By the way, I love Space NK, and although their selection is small, it’s top shelf! While at Space NK, be sure to check out Hourglass foundation and oil-free primer (more on that later!).

I’ve found that Benefit’s They’re Real mascara is quite good, but in addition to makeup remover (I love Shu Uemura’s cleanser and makeup remover!), you may need to use a dedicated eye makeup remover as well (or be sure to check your reflection the next morning before dealing with people other than your family!). I also use L’Oreal’s Lash Flutter, which I quite like as well (both are available at Boots, but in a larger Boots store if looking for Benefit cosmetics). These two mascaras have passed the “sweaty workout” test as I’ve worn both while exercising and didn’t emerge with raccoon eyes!

P.S. I did buy Bobbi Brown’s new mascara, featured in the NY Times article, and I really like it! One trick I did learn from a makeup artist- I was at Rinascente in Milan having my makeup done (a rare occasion!)- is to curl your eyelashes BEFORE applying mascara. Doing this makes it really easy to apply your mascara and hit the lash line just right, it separates your eyelashes better, and you won’t muck up your eyelash curler with mascara!

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