That annoying turkey wattle


I’ve been obsessed for years with my “turkey wattle”, that frustrating bit of saggy neck skin under your chin that seems to take to gravity as you age like white on rice! Some of us have it worse that others and I’ve talked to several plastic surgeons about it as well. One or two doctors suggested Botox injections to relax the tendons in your neck (you can see them when you strain your neck or mouth downwards), but it seems like a neck lift is the only real procedure that truly gets rid of the sag.

I decided to go the non-invasive route and have been using StriVectin-TL Tightening Neck Cream since last July (2013) and admittedly do see an ever so slight improvement in the appearance of my wattle, but the biggest effect is an incredibly smooth neck!


Another cream that’s come on the market with a bang is Perricone MD Cold Plasma Sub-D  neck firming cream. While recovering from jet-lag last summer in the States, I would often find myself at 330am watching Dr. Perricone’s (he is a real doctor!) informercial for his breakthrough neck firming cream. Now, according to the infomercial’s users, it truly works! 😉 I can’t comment, as tempted as I was to buy it (it seems the best way to buy the cream was to make an automatic monthly payment in order to replenish your supply), but I do use Perricone MD products and like them a lot.


The other day, when I went to Space NK to replenish my MD Perricone supply, one of the saleswomen insisted that I try Zelens as a firming neck cream. All you have to do is slightly twist my arm to get me to try a new product that promises the fountain of youth, and so I did buy Zelens Z Firm as I do see Dr. Lens for my Botox shots and am already a fan of his eye cream, which is more like a luxurious cream/gel that goes on smooth and weightless and does seem to minimize fine lines.


The bottom line is that topical creams, as much as we’d like to believe that they’re as effective as they’re reported to be, do little to make a dramatic difference (on everyone) and you have to use them as recommended, which usually means at least twice a day and for at least eight weeks to see results. My feeling is that it can’t hurt to try what you want as you may see a difference and if that difference makes you feel better, then that product is worth every penny and the time you take to apply it!

If you have any products or procedures you’ve tried that work to firm your neck, please comment and I’ll check them out!

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