A makeup accessory you shouldn’t live without!

Keuco cosmetics mirror 3X magnification

Keuco cosmetics mirror 3X magnification

I’ve recently discovered the value of a magnification mirror (duh!) when applying makeup and especially when trying to put on mascara as close to the lash line as possible without poking myself in the eye! Above is the model of mirror from Keuco that I installed in our bathroom and I absolutely love it, especially the fact that it’s illuminated.

The mirror is surrounded by a frosted LED light that emits the softest light, but one that helps contrast all the little things on your face you wish to cover or pluck! Your pores will look enormous, but have no fears that you’re walking around actually looking like that! 😉

My eyesight has definitely changed in the last few years and although I don’t totally depend on them, I really should wear my reading glasses more often, especially when attempting to pluck my eyebrows! Thanks to my cosmetics mirror, I can now see everything, even the imperfections I don’t want to!! If you can’t mount one on the wall, a handheld one or one that rests on your countertop is just as effective.

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